The Emotional Garden


What is an Emotional Garden?

Framing the Gualda Vecchia over an area of approximately 7,000 square metres is the Emotional Garden of Feather Paths - between Simplicity and Beauty. The idea is to create a place in which to lose oneself, between dynamic linearity and sinuous paths, in an extraordinary, timeless dimension. A dimension governed by the perfect karstic union between Love and Harmony. The Emotional Garden consists of: Labyrinthine Flowerbeds, sinuous lines of the Amphitheatre, the Realm of Fire, an Ornamental Vegetable Garden that leads through a path of ferns to the Water Square, up to the Parterre.

The Emotional Garden is a garden concept conceived after several years of study by arch. Caterina Angela Contu. A place that reveals ancient symbolism and energy centres, created through geometries and evocative settings represented by the fundamental elements of nature: water, earth, fire and air.


The Emotional Garden was created by Vivaio Pitorsino. It was 1956 when the three Nannini brothers, Mario, Francesco and Rotilio left their hometown in the province of Arezzo to land in the Maremma in search of new job opportunities. It was in the locality of "Il Pitorsino" (GR), full of hope and with a spirit of initiative and resourcefulness, that they started Vivaio Nannini. Running the company today are Giorgio and Fabrizio, Rotilio Nannini's sons: two people we trusted and who in return gave us professionalism, flexibility and complete support.

Book a guided tour

A visit to the Emotional Garden takes about 2 hours. It begins with a tour with the owner of about 40 minutes, which is followed by a small welcome. After that you can visit the shop/atelier and then enjoy the garden for an hour or so in privacy. The ticket cost per person is €10 - minimum 4 people or €40. Reservation is required.

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