Emotional Garden

What is an Emotional Garden?

Framing the Gualda Vecchia over an area of approximately 7,000 square metres is the Emotional Garden of Feather Paths - between Simplicity and Beauty. The idea is to create a place in which to lose oneself, between dynamic linearity and sinuous paths, in an extraordinary, timeless dimension. A dimension governed by the perfect karstic union between Love and Harmony. The Emotional Garden consists of: Labyrinthine Flowerbeds, sinuous lines of the Amphitheatre, the Realm of Fire, an Ornamental Vegetable Garden that leads through a path of ferns to the Water Square, up to the Parterre.

The Emotional Garden is a garden concept conceived after several years of study by arch. Caterina Angela Contu. A place that reveals ancient symbolism and energy centres, created through geometries and evocative settings represented by the fundamental elements of nature: water, earth, fire and air.

Labyrinthine beds of grasses

One does not get lost in the labyrinth,
in the labyrinth one finds oneself,
in the labyrinth one does not meet the Minotaur.
In the labyrinth one encounters oneself.

Hermann Kern

The labyrinthine flowerbeds at the entrance retrieve the 7 lines, like the 7 loops of which the labyrinths are composed, but not the shape. The soaring grasses, in full bloom and moved by the light breeze, create impressionistic shades, in which sculptural totems created by recovering ancient farmhouse doors are immersed.  

The three doors, which have three different alignments, represent the different directions, dimensions where one can find the right path in life, through the light of reason and the feeling of pure love.

Ornamental Garden

The ornamental garden is terraced along the natural declivity and is laid out with beds of local stone that accommodate fruit and vegetables, as well as edible / melliferous flowers and antique and medicinal roses, among flowering pergolas.

The ornamental garden is a harmonious fusion of French 'Potager', 'Hortus Conclusus' and creativity, and represents the place where the hand of man, through nature, creates its fruits.

A place to discover authentic flavours and scents, moments of tasting and relaxation.

The Water Square and the Fern Path

From the vegetables garden, we walk along a winding path of ferns to the Water Square, where this element, a symbol of purity, is celebrated by the species included, among calla lilies, papyrus and bamboo.
In addition to the symbolism of water, we find ancient geometries capable of creating an extraordinary energy centre. The showers are circular cylinders, placed to be vertices of a perfect, imaginary, equilateral triangle and represent the element of air.
The Water Square is a place where one can enter into close connection with the landscape that opens up over the Val di Cornia. Here you will discover a whirlpool bath and a wooden sauna designed for relaxation and wellness.

Tornando alle aiuole labirintiche si può percorrere il versante opposto.


The sinuous lines of the cavea are shaped along a declivity and in front of them the stage area opens up. These forms have been shaped by recovering the identity of the slope through corten profiles.
The backdrop here is formed by aerial blossoms of grasses, where artistic representations come to life, celebrating human creativity and flair.

The top of the cavea is enclosed by a rocky profile of monoliths recovered from the site to represent its identity value. On top of the monoliths are flowerbeds where Japanese cherry trees and striking spring blooms find a home.

Realm of Fire

The Realm of Fire represents the central hearth of conviviality, of family unity.
This area is characterised by a large circular brazier and reddish-coloured plant species that celebrate the element of fire.


Both through the Realm of Fire and the Water Square lead to the Parterre.

This place represents arrival, contemplation and a moment of rest in which to rediscover inner peace and feel in complete connection with the surrounding nature.


The Emotional Garden was created by Vivaio Pitorsino. It was 1956 when the three Nannini brothers, Mario, Francesco and Rotilio left their home town in the province of Arezzo to land in the Maremma seeking new job opportunities. It was precisely in 'Il Pitorsino' (GR), full of hope and with a spirit of initiative and entrepreneurship, that they set up Vivaio Nannini. Running the company today are Giorgio and Fabrizio, Rotilio Nannini's sons: two people to whom we have entrusted ourselves and who in return have given us professionalism, flexibility and complete support.

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