Activities and Surroundings

Activities and Surroundings

La Gualda Vecchia is a perfect starting point for a variety of activities. On this page you will find some ideas, however during your stay Bruna will be at your complete disposal to give you more in-depth information so that you can choose what suits your tastes and wishes best.

Villages and hamlets


6.4 km - Set in the Mediterranean maquis, embellished with artworks made with its red marble, narrow streets and breathtaking views. Cradle of charcoal-making traditions.

Monteverdi Marittimo

7 km - on the southern slopes of the Metalliferous Hills, the gateway between the sea and geothermal energy. Evocative the S. Peter in Palazzuolo Abbey.

Castagneto Carducci

9 km - the historic centre of Castagneto was built around the Gherardesca Castle. A natural terrace overlooking the sea.


11.6 km - a village founded around 1000 AD, with an elliptical shape where you can admire tower-houses, the graceful San Lorenzo Parish and the wild nature of the surrounding area.


22 km - "Here the Italian poet Carducci wrote his famous ode, staring at the tall cypresses that go from Bolgheri to Saint Guido’s chapel. Not to be missed!" ne cantò il Carducci. Imperdibile!


17.7 km - Orange flag as one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. The cloister of San Francesco is, in my opinion, a must-see!


35.3 km - not quite a village, but here between the Archaeological Park, the breathtaking gulf and the Chapel of San Cerbone... there is plenty to see!


39 km - the only Etruscan settlement facing the sea in Tuscany. Populonia is privately owned and is said to have been won in a poker game!

Casale Marittimo

28.6 km - It stands on what was once an important Etruscan settlement in the 7th century BC, an outpost of Volterra towards the sea.


25.2 km - Pictured is the Spring of Bacchus, of which the ancient Arch is part, where some mysterious symbols are still visible today. Bibbona has ancient Etruscan origins and is full of evidence of this civilisation.

La Sassa

26.2 km - A hamlet of Montecatini Val di Cecina, a village that stands as a scenic point over the entire Sterza valley, formed by a network of narrow, winding, often concentric streets.

Campiglia Marittima

30.7 km - The historical centre is all within the city walls, and its characteristic squares are lined with craft shops, museums and typical taverns.



We are fortunate to find ourselves among exceptionally fertile territories for the creation of wines that are among the most awarded in the world.

Bolgheri Wine Tours

Whether you want a wine tour, a wine tasting combined with cycling or cooking classes, Francesca and Margarethe will create the perfect experience for you.

Wine bars

There are many wine shops in the area where you can taste excellent local wines and food. This one in the photo is the Enoteca dei Difficili, where Sonia will welcome you in the historic centre of the little gem that Suvereto is.

Din's Gin


Incredible but true, as well as being an area renowned for its wine, gin has also found a place here! We recommend Din's Gin, the Senior is our absolute favourite!



Poggicciola is a corner of paradise amidst the dense Mediterranean scrub and ruins of ancient farmhouses in Monteverdi Marittimo. From here, the view sweeps over the entire coast, passing by the marvellous Bolgheri Castle.

The Hexagon House

A house made by the Florentine Vittorio Giorgini immersed in the maquis of the Gulf of Baratti. A fascinating story.

Casa Saldarini

Also by Vittorio Giorgini, Casa Saldarini, known as Casa Balena or Dinosauro. Open to the public a few times a year.

Terrazza Mascagni

'The great chessboard overlooking the sea of Livorno'. Unmissable. You will feel like if you are inside a De Chirico or a Dalì painting.

Accattapane Road

The road that connects Castagneto to Donoratico, the hills to the sea, sinuously passing through olive groves and vineyards of moving beauty. An amphitheatre of vineyards.

San Pietro in Palazzuolo Abbey

Founded by Walfredo, progenitor of the Longobard Della Gherardesca counts, it is one of the oldest religious buildings in Tuscany.

The Boccale Castle

There is no way not to be enchanted, especially on days when the sea is rough. The rooms cannot be visited but the views south of the castle are unforgettable.

Le Germandine

Food supplements based on fresh plant extracts, syrups, liqueurs, herbal teas... and much more. 18 hectares of organic and environmentally friendly cultivation.


Castello di Castiglioncello

"Castiglioncello high up among piles of oaks laughed from the stained glass windows a mad vermilion grin of a fairy," wrote Carducci. The castle only opens to the public on July 16.

October festivals in Sassetta

A traditional and evocative festival: spit-roasted delicacies from the giant rotisserie, chestnuts and generous wine from our hills.


Magical nights together with dreaming artists, artistic installations, shows, music, enchanting atmospheres. Natural stage: the village of Castagneto Carducci.

Historical re-enactments

Between tales and legends, the Knights of Ildebrandino bring history to life between 1165 and 1315. This photo was taken during a re-enactment in Suvereto, absolutely evocative!

Slowing down

Observing nature

One can also indulge in the luxury of stopping and observing all the wonders that, with the changing seasons, we have available to us as a gift from nature.

Lazing around

In the Emotional Garden you will find benches, hammocks, deckchairs and various corners where you can stop and read a good book or simply do nothing at all.

Wild herbs

The fields and forests teem with wild herbs with a thousand properties and tastes. If you wish, we can take a tour together.

Observing animals

The list of fauna that can be observed here is very long indeed. And every time it is a unique thrill to meet the beautiful animals that inhabit the bush.


Sunflower fields

For photography lovers, this area offers the most diverse subjects. The sunflower fields, I must say, have a charm that is hard to resist.

Chasing sunsets

Be it sunsets, sunrises, golden hours.... again, the spots are countless and I will be happy to point you to my favourites.


Nature is a real amusement park for macrophotography enthusiasts!

Black and white

Black and white, film, digital, long exposure... photography enthusiasts are welcome here.


Alimentari del Sole

Here, Sonia and Claudio will welcome you among a thousand delicacies, typical products that are refined, special and of excellent quality, the result of a constant and careful search for that added value that then drives tourists and others to the small village of Monteverdi Marittimo.

Acetaia di Castagneto

Refined products of the highest quality, made from the finest grapes and made according to the rules of old traditions. You can also visit the vinegar cellar and taste their wonderful vinegars.

Insane aperitifs

You'll be spoilt for choice when it comes to going for an aperitif in the area, in beautiful locations, with sought-after ingredients of the highest quality. From Bolgheri Green to Sal8 in San Vincenzo to Dispensa Desideri in Populonia, I put my hand on the fire that you will be fine!

Mucci e Staccioli

Upon entering the small shop, you are greeted by the overwhelming friendliness of owners Carlo and Alessandro. Get ready for a cheerful and goliardic gastronomic tour of cold cuts, wines, cheeses and oils! Don't forget to ask to visit the maturing caves!

Pic nic

Whether in our garden or strolling through the winding hills, a picnic is always unforgettable. With Luciano's handmade baskets... beautiful too!

Eating with feet in the sand

The options for eating while enjoying the sunset with your feet in the sand are many! The fritto misto at the Wild Beach Bar is a must-try!


From the homemade and authentic ones such as Pettirosso di Monteverdi, to the gourmet local delicacies of Bar Roma in Sassetta, the options for divine dining are countless. Ask us and we will direct you!

Pizza in the ancient oven

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Discovering the creeks along the Via dei Cavalleggeri

From the Buca delle Fate to San Quirico to the Fosse alle Canne... it is like going from one paradise to another. Caution: bring your own water as there are no services!

Rimigliano's natural reserve

A free beach stretching for 6 kilometres bordered by a pine forest, a crystal-clear sea lapping a fine sandy shoreline equipped with showers, toilets, picnic areas and a refreshment point. Beware of the currents!

Punta Falcone

Punta Falcone is an oasis, a microcosm of biodiversity, history, breathtaking views, astronomy and research.

Marina di Castagneto

The beaches have been awarded the Blue Flag. The coastline is full of bathing establishments and 'Punti Azzurri' meaning stretches of free beach where services and assistance are guaranteed.


A corner of the world where nature, history and art come together to create a timeless place. Here you can find space in the shade of the pine forest, on the free beach, near the small bars where there is often live music, in the fine sand or among the rocks.

Cala Moresca's Gulf

Facing west means that one can enjoy spectacular sunsets, especially in summer. On clear Sirocco days, the sea appears calm and clean with crystal-clear water worthy of Caribbean seas.

Cala Violina

One of the most beautiful beaches in the Maremma. The beach is clear and grainy, composed of tiny grains of quartz. For access I refer you to the link in the photo (best to enquire in advance).

She Sailor's walk

"They call me The Sailor because I watch the waves that, like endless jazz, repeat themselves from this sea port and, like life, arrive at my feet." - a beautiful walk on the pier.


Going for mushrooms, chestnuts, asparagus

The Mediterranean maquis by which we are surrounded is a true paradise for those who love walking through the woods in search of wild delicacies.

Devil's Valley

Did you think you had to go all the way to Iceland to witness crazy geothermal phenomena? But no!

WWF Oasis of Padule

For nature lovers, this is a real biodiversity treat in Castagneto Carducci. Also worth the trip under the starry sky.

Sterza Waterfalls

One of the most remote and wild places in the province of Pisa is the Monterufoli-Caselli Reserve.


As one enters the bush it is not uncommon to encounter small streams flowing over tufa formations creating wonderful plays of color and texture.


The Seggio is the river that flows into the sea at this point. Here there is a beach for dogs. Past the Seggio northward begins an endless free beach lined with dunes and a wild nature park.

Fireflies in June

Those dots in the photo are the fireflies I captured in the woods with my cell phone in June 2021. Many fewer than what the eyes could see: an unforgettable sight.

Starry sky

This is the sky above Gualda Vecchia, photographed with long exposure by a photography enthusiast. We have virtually zero light pollution here, and in summer it is a joy to observe the sky.

If it rains...

Museo Carducci

The panels on display in the Carducci Museum trace the main moments of the Poet's literary activity, which is closely linked to the scents, sounds and atmospheres of the Maremma Pisana, the scene of his youthful experiences. Giosuè Carducci, in fact, spent part of his childhood in Castagneto and Bolgheri.

Museo Mubia

In the MUBIA you understand geodiversity, learn how geodiversity formed minerals and rocks, and you understand why the earth here is so warm and white. "Gaea," mother earth, is the main character of this museum and not the "Geothermal" already worthily celebrated in other museum facilities in the area.

Museo Archeologico di Piombino

An extraordinary window into the history associated with the ancient city-state of Populonia; from the Paleolithic to late antiquity. The Museum is a natural complement to a visit to the Archaeological Park of Baratti and Populonia. Full-scale reconstructions of ancient landscapes and environments, multimedia and musical paths, videos and displays make the visit instructive and accessible to all.

Acquario di Livorno

On the ground floor exhibition tanks, tunnels, touch tank, jellyfish tanks dedicated to the important topic of plastic pollution. On the second floor a space dedicated to insects, amphibians and reptiles where it is possible to admire the chameleon, iguana, a real anthill where leaf-cutter ants move. From the second floor, there is access to the panoramic terrace with views of Livorno's waterfront and the islands of the Archipelago.



Men's and women's clothing with an eye for sustainability and unmistakable style.

Deborah Ciolli

Tuscany's most wonderful ceramicist. Lightness, research, beauty, wonder, joy.

FV Boutique

A store in an Etruscan cave carved out of tuff. Two young girls creating custom-made clothes.

Bitossi di Cecina

The last example of a manually filled kiln still in use in Tuscany. Each pot is a unique piece created by the relatives of Luigi Bitossi, who created this marvel in 1929.

Tuscan Toys

A serene world full of magic and fantasy. Where a piece of olive wood can be transformed into animals with sinuous movements, waterfall games and puzzles. Jane and Alan moved to Tuscany forty years ago from Scotland for their love of beauty.

Equilibrium di Alessandro Bongi

There is nothing new in this place, but every found object donated by nature is reused to create new ones. This is how lamps and unique objects are born, capable of enchanting and making the places that welcome them special and fascinating.

Vag Dream Surf Shop

Everything you could look for from the best surf boards, skateboards, longskate, and fishing brands.

Asinbigio Ester Bijoux

It all starts with the seasonal harvesting of leaves. Once selected, they are immersed in galvanic baths and solidified with copper. They thus become true wearable jewelry, unique and unrepeatable; in natural essence.



Explorations of the coast depart from Castiglioncello by sailing and enjoying excellent aperitifs at sunset. Trips range from half-day to full weekends.

Horse back riding

A beautiful horseback ride with Daniele Poscente, in the beautiful setting of the Toscani Estate - at Poscente Ranch.


Guaranteed fun with Tuscany Bike Center guides who will take you to the most beautiful trails of the Etruscan Coast, in safety!

Fishing with Sparapesca

Whether it is a children's night, beginner or expert outing with Matteo Sparapani, fun is guaranteed!


For both skate and surfing we always refer to the amazing Jordi at Heavy Water Academy. For skateboarding there is a nice park in Cecina or during summer the ramp at the beach!


For surfing, on the other hand, you can find all the info on the Heavy Water Academy website. Both private and group lessons and summer surf camp!


We have an agreement with the beautiful La Bandita Estate where in addition to the restaurant and animals you can rent the tennis court. Only 3.5 km from the Old Gualda!


The hiking opportunities in the area are really hard to list. I recommend downloading the Valdicecina Outdoor app where you will find all the trails in the area.

Thermal Baths

Cerreta in Sassetta

Nestled in the quiet and green forest park of Poggio Neri, a magical place of widespread well-being, where one lives in full synergy with the rhythms and spaces of nature following the principles of biodynamics.

La Cerreta by Night

In summer, Cerreta Terme also opens in the evening, a very suggestive experience. At Cerreta you will also find the restaurant where, in keeping with the seasonality, the dishes are true "tales" that speak of our territory and traditions.

Il Thermarium del Calidario

Carved out of an old structure using ancient materials and from which the spa was created, the Thermarium is equipped with a sauna, Turkish bath, sensory showers, whirlpools and a relaxation area where treatments and massages are performed.

Calidario di Venturina

The Calidario Terme, an ancient Tuscan Natural Spring of 36° water used today, as in ancient times, to regenerate and relax in the upper Maremma also known as the Terme Etrusche