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  • Podere La Gualda Vecchia
    A rustic countryhouse dating back to the 16th century, immersed in the unspoilt nature of the Tuscan Maremma.
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  • An Emotional Garden
    A sequence of extraordinary scenarios in which to immerse and rediscover yourself.
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  • A place where time dilates.
    Situated on a hillock between the Etruscan Coast and the Val di Cornia. Between the sea and the metalliferous hills.
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The location

Gualda is a hamlet of Monteverdi Marittimo (Pisa), not far from Sassetta (Livorno) and Castagneto Carducci / Bolgheri. The country-house is situated on a hillock that overlooks the Val di Cornia and its "metalliferous" hills. On clear days you can see the peaks of the Elba Island. From the gardens the gaze sweeps over unspoilt nature in every direction. Just a few kilometres away there are crystal-clear beaches, both sandy and rocky, medieval villages, thermae, wine cellars, oil mills, archaeological sites, natural parks and many other wonders.

The rooms


The Cipresso room faces east, so at sunset a warm light enters through the French window onto the cozy private outdoor terrace. From here the view sweeps over the cypress trees at the entrance to the Podere, a hundred-year-old oak, holm oaks and multicoloured oleanders. At night, opening the curtain and lying down, the starry sky shows itself in all its wonder.

The Cipresso room can be rented individually or in combination with the Quercia room, either with or without the kitchen/living room.

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The Quercia room faces north and overlooks what used to be the pigsty. So we were told by local farmers familiar with these characteristic structures! Today, this space is a wonderful veranda, enclosed by ancient walls about a metre high, on top of which stand multicolored flowers. A place steeped in history, a witness to hard times, where today you can enjoy a book on the deckchairs, savour a glass of wine at the table or simply let yourself be lulled by the breeze passing through the foliage of the holm oaks and ancient oaks creating a relaxing sound.

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The Leccio room faces west. In the morning, the first warm rays of sunrise overhang the plateau and reach the small pergola that protects its exit. From the French windows you can look out onto the sensory garden where the wind makes the long blue agapanthus, the deep pink "feathers" of the muhlenbergia and all the other plants designed to enchant dance.

The furniture (bed, bedside tables, chest of drawers, wardrobe, hatbox) is in solid antique wood and was already present in the Podere at the time of purchase. Treated, restored and refurbished thanks to the excellent work of the Centro Restauro, Donoratico.

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The apartments

Leccio Apartment

The Leccio accomodation is a two-room apartment consisting of a living room, kitchen, a fireplace, a double suite (Leccio) with bathroom. The entrance of this flat overlooks what was once the manure space. Today there is a lovely outdoor area here, sheltered by the ancient dry stone wall, a silent witness of hard times, when there was no electricity or running water. Here you will find a large antique solid wood table and a corner with a small table and chairs where you can relax and let yourself be lulled by the foliage of the tall holm oaks that move with the frequent sea breezes. This patio is adorned with sinuous sea wood and countless flowers and plants that will delight you and frame your every glance.

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Quercia Apartment

The Quercia flat is a two-bedroom apartment consisting of the rooms Quercia and Cipresso. It can be rented either as a two-bedroom apartment or as a one-bedroom apartment with a room to choose between Quercia and Cipresso. The entrance to this flat overlooks the bright and contemplative veranda, which has been completely renovated, maintaining the original structure and the round brick columns. Here you will find a large antique solid wood table, restored, where you can enjoy your meals while enjoying a sweeping view entirely over the woods surrounding the Podere. On the veranda there are also many flowers that frame the surrounding landscape and citrus plants that will delite you with the scent of lemon blossom.

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